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By Fred Johns, Something Cool News, March 28, 2005

Itís no secret that many Western Canadians feel a little bit alienated from the rest of the country. In previous elections, it was possible for British Columbians to know the result of the election before many had even cast their vote. With 106 seats in Ottawa, and a paltry 36 available here in B.C., it is no wonder some bitter feelings exist. And, as another provincial election looms, some of these bitter feelings are bound to surface once again.

Doug Christie would like to turn that negativity into something more positive Ė like a new country, for example. Christie is the leader of the Western Block Party, a new political party that pushes for Western separation. Christie believes B.C. would be better off on its own and is capable of making better decisions for itself than those in Ottawa can. Unfortunately, he has run into an obstacle or two, like people who have written him off as a ďkookĒ and a ďweirdoĒ. And, of course, even mentioning the word separation in certain circles is going to make some people very, very angry. But Christie vows to push on towards what he hopes will one day be a new dawn for the province of British Columbia Ė if he can endure all the bitterness. 

The Interview with Doug Christie, Leader of the Western Block Party

Johns: Mr. Christie, letís start with how the Western Block Party (WBP) first came into existence and why.

Christie: Sure. Since 1975 I have been advocating for western national independence because I know the country is run by Ontario and Quebec and that will never change. It has become a liberal homogeny that has given them power for 70 of the least 100 years which has in effect made us an oligarchy in every economic, political and social sphere. The executive, legislative, and judicial branches are all monopolized and operated by the Liberal party from Quebec primarily and Ontario. There rest of the country does not count. Never has, never will. In 1975 I decided that there was nothing fair and reasonable about Canada and no possibility of reform. Thatís when I became a western separatist.

Johns: So I take it then you are not impressed by recent moves by the Liberals to decrease feelings of western alienation?

Christie: Cosmetics, smoke and mirrors. Nothing but Liberals in Western Canada selling out the West for personal gain.

Johns: What about those that suggest it would be unpatriotic to break up the country?

Christie: What's good about Canada? Tell me one thing that Western Canada gets from Ontario and Quebec that they could not get better, quicker and cheaper somewhere else, including good government. We can govern ourselves, weíre not idiots. Weíre capable of making better political decisions for ourselves than Ottawaís 106 seats and Quebecís 75 will ever do for us. We can govern ourselves much more effectively.

Johns: Give me an example of something you think we can do better than Ottawa.

Christie: Negotiations with the United States will never be handled for us by some longhaired French Canadian professor named Pettigrew. Canadian-American relations on continental national defense will never be handled to our advantage by a bunch of French sympathizers whose primary objective is an alliance with Paris.

Johns: The best way then is to take matters into our own hands?

Christie: Iím not a separatist for life for transient causes, but for the fact that the perpetual political decisions of Ottawa irritate and alienate every Western sympathy and purpose. Those decisions made in Ottawa are always made Ė from the F-18-A contract to national energy - with an eye on who in Ontario would like those decisions. No other political criteria necessary. 

Johns: What about those who believe you would be breaking up one of the greatest countries in the world that is internationally recognized as one of the best places in the world to live?

Christie: Canada is not one of the best places in the world to live. We have higher per capita taxation than the U.S. We have no freedom of speech because of the religion of multiculturalism, we have no opportunities to develop our secondary industries, no opportunity to keep enough money to develop a secondary economy. Itís a farce and fallacy perpetuated by liars to say that Canada is the best country in the world to live in. They must be living in never-never land.

Johns: Then why do so many Canadians say it is?

Christie: Canadians live in an artificial environment where protection and national defense is handled by the U.S. so we can be consistently insulted and ridiculed. The economy in Canada would not exist without the U.S. Ė they are our major trading partner but the primary prerequisite of every Canadian is to be anti-American. We live in a dreamland if we think that America is going to continue to be favorable to us when we continue to shirk our responsibilities of continental defense and ignore the fact that the U.S. needs allies. Who would you rather live next to Ė the United States of America or communist China? Geographically, Canada is the best and we are blessed with a great many benefits other countries donít have but those donít come from government. If you have any faith at all, they come from God, or the alterative, weíre just lucky.

Johns: Do you think your party has a chance of achieving its goal?

Christie: I donít know if we have a chance, I only know that it's right. I donít ask myself whenever I say something, can I make some sort of beneficial advantage to me if I make this statement? My first question to myself in regards to everything I do and say is, is it right or is it not right? And then if the answer is clear, I donít equivocate. 

Johns: If you donít think you can win, whatís the point?

Christie: The fact is we are on this earth to tell the truth and do whatís right and not because other people may like what you have to say. I have an obligation to my ancestors whose culture is being discredited and destroyed and I also have an obligation to my defendants Ė I am a lawyer Ė to preserve both the economic and political freedoms that I enjoyed which are rapidly being eroded in Canada. And out of a sense of duty to both those groups, I must do what I do. And I might say I donít find myself without friends, letís make that perfectly clear.

Johns: So then you have a lot of supporters?

Christie: .A lot of Western Canadians are fed up with Ottawa. A lot of them built the Reform party and found out they got betrayed by going into Ontario and getting back into the Conservative party all over again. A lot of people, Reform, Alliance or whatever it is now, realize that politics is a disaster for Western Canadians.

Johns: Itís true that a lot of western Canadians do seem disenfranchised and donít feel that their vote counts for anything.

Christie: Theyíre right. Theyíre absolutely right. Stephen Harper is aware if you want to get anywhere you have to get onto both knees in front of Ontario and Quebec and he is doing his best to do that. The only thing he has done of any significance is learn French but heíll never be god enough for Quebeckers. I donít care how good he learns French Ė they know where he comes from and they donít have the slightest use for him. Theyíll never vote for him. 

Johns: So you were a fan then of the Quebec separatist agenda?

Christie: Yeah, so I could get rid of them.

Johns: Is it feasible for B.C. to stand alone given our on-again-off-again status as a have/have-not province?

Christie: Ottawa has made us a have-not province by its discriminatory legislation and the promotion within our own culture of the worst forms of economic depredation. The Air India bombing should make us realize that while we donít know who did it, there is a price to immigration to Third World countries where freedom and power are not necessarily as universally worshipped as they are here. Ottawa and the Liberal party are the origin of the immigration party in B.C. Had we not had the $200-million trial that went nowhere, we might have put them into building some ferries that might have carried our tourist trade to Vancouver Island. 

Johns: How many members does the WBP have right now?

Christie: I think right now we have 340. Weíd hope to run some candidates in the upcoming election. We canít do anything without support Ė we look for support and thatís why I am talking to you. And I am talking to everybody through you that if we donít do anything that nothing will change. We live in a corrupt country.

Johns: What qualifies you to be the partyís leader?

Christie: Conviction. Articulation. Sincerity. Accuracy. Anybody better? Show me and Iíll follow them. What does Gordon Campbell bring to the table? What does Brian Mulroney bring to the table? What did Pierre Trudeau bring to the table? I fought for liberty for 35 years as a lawyer and I am capable of understanding the facts and capable of explaining the alternatives - thatís what I bring to the table. 

Johns: What would you say to Canadians who donít like the way the West is being treated, but are hesitant to join what can be labeled as a separatist party?

Christie: Tell me what the better solution is. Tell me how the Reform party achieved anything. Tell me how begging Ottawa to do what the West wants is going to make the slightest bit of difference. Tell me how this continuation of the federal governmentís policies on any issue will benefit B.C. and if you can persuade me of any of those, I will be happy to give up and practice law and work on my farm and bother nobody.

Johns: You donít have a very optimistic view of the future of Western Canada do you?

Christie: I donít know about that. Iím not pessimistic, Iím not optimistic Ė Iím challenging. Iíd like to see Western Canadians wake up but they havenít yet. 

Johns: Do you think western Canada deserves what it gets for not taking on these challenges?

Christie: We got the government that we deserve. We sit back and wait for some divine revelation to solve our problems and criticize people like me who have the gall to stand up and speak the truth and then say heís not good enough,. Well, if you wait long enough for perfection, youíll be dead. Iím not perfect but I am a lot better than Mulroney, Trudeau or Gordon Campbell for that matter.

Johns: A lot of people consider Pierre Trudeau to be the countryís greatest Prime Minister.

Christie: Thatís a symptom of what Ottawa and Ontario represent. He was the best thing for Soviet-Canadian relations. 

Johns: What do you say to those that are thinking of joining in the Western Block Party but are not sure?

Christie: What are you afraid of? Are you so afraid in this so-called free country that you donít realize you have a right to make a difference? That the Clarity Act says itís a perfectly legal right for a province to separate by a referendum if there is a clear question and a clear majority? If you know that, why donít you do something about it? And if you are satisfied with Canada, then get us as choice so we can show what wonderful Canadians we are and how much we love our country so that we can vote for it. But of course these wonderful patriots are not really sure what British Columbians would choose if they had a choice and of course they would rather we were stuck in a state of despair Ė thatís exactly where they want British Columbians, so they have noting to vote for. 

Johns: What do you see happening in this upcoming provincial election?

Christie: I donít really know. Gordon Campbell has done a lot better than he has been given credit for, most British Columbians donít want to go back to the NDP, but I think there is a lot of unwarranted resentment for the Campbell and his party and I think as a result there is a good possibility that a third party with a new idea can succeed. And what weíll represent more than anything else is popular democracy Ė that is referendum initiative and recall of major issues. I think thatís quite a popular idea right now. Most political parties are lying cheating, hypocrites who are basically setting up a method to plunder the treasuries to feed their friends. The whole idea of referendum, initiative and recall is the idea that we could actually conduct legislative change through the Internet and by referenda on a regular basis using TV and debate to involve people between elections - these are new ideas that no one else does and I think if we could ever get these messages out to people, we would stand a chance of being elected. If we had candidates in every riding, thereís no doubt in my mind we could win the election, but our problem is communication and we have to overcome that. 

Johns: But even if your name is on the ballot, Iím not sure a lot of Canadians who do agree with you would also be willing to give up the rest of the country.

Christie: You wouldnít be giving it up. Nothing is preventing the fact that Canada would be our neighbour Ė it would be no different than dealing with the U.S. In fact, it would be easier. Nothing prevents us from being good neighbours and friends with Quebec Ė itís just a smaller country. The thing with smaller countries is they donít generally go to war. They donít get involved in aggressive action and they are a lot more sympathetic to the individual. So I donít see a problem with good relations with Canada Ė they pay their way, we pay ours. The fact is we are not going to be hostile and will treat them like any other country in the world. 

Johns: An associate of mine took a look at your site and he said he agreed with some of your ideals but said you seemed ďweirdĒ and kooky.Ē

Christie: Generally speaking, itís people who have never talked to me who have these negative views. People who donít know me rely on the media image generated by my enemies. I am not particularly subtle in my message, I admit I am tired of melee-mouth politicians who lie, cheat and steal. I donít want to be one and I donít want to appear to be one and if thatís too much for someone to handle then they should stick with what theyíve got and be very happy with it.

Johns: What would your first act as Prime Minister of B.C. be?

Christie: My first act would be to establish the Internet accessibility to referendum, initiative and recall so that every issue debated on the floor ion the legislature could be voted on in various locations around the province and give legislative powers to that decision.

Johns: Thanks for your time, Mr. Christie. Good luck with your efforts.

Christie: Thank you.

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